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Covidiean Triple Lumen Dialysis Kit

Covidiean Triple Lumen Dialysis Kit

Product Details:


Product Description

Mahurkar Triple LumenAcute Hemodialysis Catheter Kit :-

  • It facilitatesinfusion of fluid, blood products, medication or blood sampling
  • It features softatraumatic tip to reduce likelihood of vessel trauma in situ
  • The reinforcedhub minimizes kinking in difficult vasculature, ideal for femoral andleft-sided placements
  • Available Size :12Fr
  • Available Length: 13/16cm

Kit 2 contains:

  • 12Fr Catheter with 16 cm Implant length
  • 18g Introducer Needle
  • J/Straight 0.035" x 70cm Guidewire
  • 10Fr Dilator
  • 12Fr Dilator
  • 2 Telfa Island Dressings
  • 3 Sealing Caps